Chinese Medicine

The foundation of natural medicine, Chinese Medicine and many useful theoretical frameworks comes from dialectics like yin and yang, form and function, shadows and light, 0 and 1. These dialectics form the foundation for which we seek a balance through the life affirming tension of elements in their seemingly opposite characteristics. In natural medicine, the idea of the opposites are always keeping each other in check. Without darkness, there can’t be light; yet with too much darkness, there’s not enough light and vice versa. These are tools for thinking about health as both relative and dynamic. Based on the ancient roots of Chinese Medicine - Yin and Yang - these concepts are universally applicable in the observation of life.

These ideas easily apply as a simple framework for helping people find their own inherent balance within their own unique culture and context.

Our culture often focuses either too heavily on the “form” of health how the body looks and what its measurements are OR too heavily on the “function” of health how much we are able to do or not do. We believe that if we can listen deeply to the needs of a person, and go into more detail and subtlety of a person’s unique experience of life and treat that responsibly that the relationship of their form and function will find it’s way into a fluid, more adaptable balance and way of being in the world. They can then reclaim their innate internal humanness in relationship and response to the world around them, with the understanding that they are part of this bigger thing: nature.