Her patient care is far and above average.

“To put it simply, her patient care is far and above average. She demonstrates excellent clinical knowledge and judgment, and has a collaborative, patient-centered approach engaging patients in their own care. She gathers a wide range of information about patients and makes decisions based upon my information, my preferences in treatment paths, and scientific evidence as well as clinical experience she possesses. Ms. Dallal is a critical thinker and is always seeking ways to improve my experience as well as the results of care given. She possessed superlative communication skills and has particular skill in building rapport. Her listening, reflection and exploration skills are equally impressive. Another of her outstanding qualities is an obvious joy in the work she is doing and this transmits into genuine compassion and level of care that’s rarely found. She has an extremely keen and sound mind, a warm heart, and a unique ability to make me feel like I’m her only patient. "

— A.B. PsyD

Each and every session has resulted in my feeling better physically, emotionally or physically.

“I've been seeing Bess weekly for approximately three years. She offers a trifecta of awesomeness: intuition, empathy and knowledge. Bess is a great communicator--listening deeply, asking follow up questions--and a gentle practitioner. Her treatments correlate with what the body needs--sometimes it's a soft lift, while others a bracing treatment to keep us strong through these beastly times. She begins by asking what you want and need, and each and every session has resulted in my feeling better physically, emotionally or psychologically. In addition to acupuncture, she offers tinctures, herbs and nutritional advice. Basically, you want to go see this Healer--she's a master and will help you life your best life!”

—A.S., School Teacher

I did not feel the white-coat anxiety I do when I am seeing my doctor.

“I take medication that has a side effect of chronic joint pain and my physician, bless her, referred me for acupuncture therapy. It has been an experience that I took a while to understand and then to fully appreciate. Bess is a healer, and from the first appointment my well-being was in her intuitive hands. I first noticed that I did not feel the white-coat anxiety I do when I am seeing my doctor, indeed, these are appointments I look forward to and miss them if I cannot keep them. Secondly, I realized that though a week apart, Bess' close observations were picking up changes I did not notice myself and from this I developed the patience to let my body respond to the acupuncture. Medicine and the diagnosis we get from our physicians depends on observation, among other things, but to do the acupuncture you get a much closer observation, to me that is better care and I am more mindful with acupuncture than regular medical visits. Once my mindset had taken these changes to heart, I noticed gradual changes and improvement and I now am generally in a maintenance mode for the joint pain though I have asked for advanced treatment when more severe episodes occur."

—S.E., Retired Construction Supervisor