Abdominal Massage

Also known as Chi Nei Tsang, the translation of these words literally mean “Internal Organs Qi Transformation.” This deep and comforting massage modality has been around for thousands of years originating in rural China. The tool is based on the microcosm in the abdomen as an extension for the rest of the body. It is the hub for where our minds and bodies connect. Because the navel was our last direct attachment to our mother at birth via the umbilical cord, a lot of information is stored in this area. In abdominal massage, the practitioner reads the areas surrounding the belly button as they connect to the rest of the organs and eventually to the rest of the body. The massage is deep and gentle, and many people fall asleep. Like acupuncture, Chi Nei Tsang addresses all systems of the body including but not limited to the digestive, musculoskeletal, psychological, endocrine, reproductive, respiratory, lymphatic and endocrine systems.

To give you a better understanding of the profundity of this work, it is important to note that there is an entire section of the nervous system, called the enteric or intrinsic nervous system, exclusively devoted to the abdomen. New research is decidedly calling the gut “the second brain.”

The “gut instinct” is no longer a myth.

There are more than 30 neurotransmitters made here. In addition, 90% of the body’s serotonin and 50% of the body’s dopamine is found in gut!